About us
About us

Aladdin Schools software is the brainchild of Kenneth and Kareena MacLeod. They believe that every child deserves the best start in life. Aladdin’s technology reduces the administrative burden on school staff, ignites a passion for learning in children, enhances home:school partnership and ultimately helps every child reach their full potential.

Kenneth, an expert in cloud computing and online security with a background in developing CRM for international companies like Sage, originally developed Aladdin to simplify his own children's school's admin.

Kareena comes from a family of teachers and after studying computer science, worked for Microsoft on their home education software. Her passion for child welfare saw a further outlet in her award winning volunteer work as a Community Mother.

The resulting software was so successful and so warmly received by the staff that they realised other schools might benefit from it too. Together Kenneth and Kareena have developed and refined the original Aladdin concept, in the process building an award winning company dedicated to alleviating the burden of administration and ultimately benefiting every child.

The greatly expanded Aladdin Schools team now helps schools to guide the education of over 160,000 pupils and is the leader in the field. By constantly talking to school staff, parents and pupils and gathering feedback, Aladdin are committed to finding new and improved solutions to all future admin challenges and to help school leaders, teachers, parents and children every step of the way to realise children’s potential.

  • Aladdin really simplifies and modernises everything that we do in schools; it's a one-stop shop for a principal's admin.
  • Aladdin makes every aspect of administration easier and is tailored to Irish schools.
  • My advice to schools considering this product is go for it!