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October 15, 2018

Last week for oral language development we did a "News Report" There was four people in a group and each group had a different story they had to act out for example - The President of America visiting ireland. There was a newscaster , a roving reporter and two on -site witnesses /victims. _ Alessandro

In PE we practised thee "Long Jump" before we went to the hall we looked at the "long jump technique " on youtube and watched the 2016 Long Jump final from the Olympic Games. It was great fun, we had inspectors and people who measured how far we jumped. We had a great time.- Sean

We are entering a poster /drawing competition for the U17  Soccer European Competition. We have to design and draw a mascot for the team.  For inspiration we looked at irish heroes/myths and legends. The most popular choice was the leprechaun. -CCH

Our footbal team has been doing very well in the competition and have one all their matches so far. Seven members of the team are from our class.- Jack 

Art - still life drawing - Basketballs or Rugby balls.

We learned a poem/chant in geography to remember  the rivers of Ireland. 

We also wrote poems on "sport"

My Favourite Sport - Callum Caplica

My favourite sport is hurling

Its better than them all,

When I want to play it

I give my friends a call.

It is played with a sliotar

and a stick called a hurley

When I want to play in the morning

I get up very early.


Hurling - Isaac Sheehan

Its Saturday morning

There is a hurling game today

I'm still yawning

Better get on my way.

I like hurling

Dad likes soccer

Others like running

Some just don't bother.


Football is the Best - Neil Crowley

There are a lot of different sports

but football is the best

It's more fun than soccer

and better than all the rest.

Football is my favourite sport

What else can  say

It can be lots of fun 

If you know how to play.




weekending 21/09

September 21, 2018

This week in history we learned about "The Mayans" and we also drew and coloured Mayan Masks in our Art Class. (Jack Daly)

On Wednesday The Lord Mayor came , we got a half day and only got learning homework. ( Fintan ) .Fintan , James and Ewan are all delighted to have been elected to the student council. Mark O Riordan is our representative on the Green Schools Committee this term.

Today we did The River Challenge and Team 1 ( Eoin, Grant, Ben, Alex, Neil and Ali/Ciaran (sub) ) came first each time.(Nathan Kennedy)

This term we are doing Athletics in PE. We have done "The Javelin", sprinting and relays.( Declan Forrest)

Last week we worked in groups and designed our own towns or villages. We came up with lots of ideas for things to have in our towns to improve them. (and lots of fast food restaurants) We learned that each town needs a lot of services, roads, parking and leisure areas.(Dylan O'Callaghan)

L:ast week our school football team beat Scoil Barra - Well Done - (Isaac Sheehan)

The school team for football was selected and 7 boys from our class were successful. (Ciaran Coleman Hendrick)

On Wednesday we started walk on Wednesday and unfortunately it was a very wet and windy day so we only scored 59% and the winning score was 89%.(Asad Shahbaz).

On Wednesday last we wrote our own poem with a school theme. They were very funny. ( Jack Daly)

Deerpark CBS and BCS secondary schools came in to talk us about their schools and invite us to their open nights.(Ken Kelleher)

Deerpark showed us their Youtube video of their resident ghost.(Ben Murray)

On Friday last we started "Scratch" on the computers . (Nathan Kennedy)

A photo of last weeks art will follow.






April 13, 2018

examining soil and using microscopes

April 13, 2018

April 11, 2018

lifetime lab visit

December 8, 2017

We had a wonderful day at the Lifetime Lab on Monday the 4th December .

UCC visit - Great morning

March 22, 2017

UCC visit - Great morning

March 21, 2017

art/science and history

March 13, 2017

Understanding the principles of construction, creating stable structures.

art, - Exploring warm colours and The. Monster Doodle

January 17, 2017


January 17, 2017