Sa Ghairdín

March 24, 2022

Bhí spraoi mór againn ag foglaim faoi na plandaí agus na hainmhithe atá ina gcónaí inár ngairdín! 


It has been great fun learning about the plants and animals that live in our garden!


IMG_1067.HEIC (738.2 KB) IMG_1059.HEIC (722.8 KB)

Colour Mixing

February 10, 2022

Check out Junior Infants tonal caterpillars, linked to our Garden Centre topic!


The children learned about light and dark colours and mixed their own shades to create these caterpillars! We can't wait to explore more colour mixing to see what else we can create! 🐛🎨👩‍🎨👨‍🎨


Measuring Containers

February 1, 2022

The children in Junior Infants have been learning all bout capacity. We have been pouring water into containers, leaving them full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty, and empty. We then looked at how many cups it would take to fill the different containers. We had to predict, measure and record. Have a look at how we got on! It was such amazing fun!

Numbers to Ten

January 31, 2022

Junior Infants have been enjoying playing a game with the Beebots to help consolidate their counting skills!

The kids had so much fun while working on counting, comparing numbers using more/less, collaboration and even estimating. 

Autumn Prints

November 17, 2021

Look at the amazing Autumn Trees the children in Junior Infants printed with using broccoli 🍂

Exploring Magnets

November 17, 2021

Last week we celebrated Science week. We had lots of fun at the workshop run by Dr. David Fitzpatrick. 

In class we explored magnets, making foam monster magnets and exploring which objects they stick to in the classroom. 

What kind of material do you think is magnetic?


November 11, 2021



September 6, 2021


CSCNS Spring Art Competition

March 24, 2020

Dear parents and children,

Our school has been chosen to participate in the ‘Creative Schools project’, which is run by the Department of Education and the Arts Council. Over the next two years, we will be learning all about creativity - and how creativity does not just mean being artistic, but actually encompasses lots of different skills - like problem solving, exploring, designing, experimenting. It is involved in many different subjects- like maths and science, and is used by us every day in multiple aspects of our lives. Our creativity helps us to grow and learn, to make and keep friends, to solve problems, and enables us to entertain ourselves and to have FUN!

The children worked with our schools’ Creative Associate Niamh on Thursday 11th March and came up with many of these ideas about creativity themselves- children are, after all, widely recognised as the most naturally creative people of all! They have inspired us to create a very open-ended Spring Competition, outlined in the attached document. Please email photographs of their work to by Wednesday 1st April with your name, age, class, and a brief explanation (no more than 200 words) if you wish. The winners will be announced Friday 3rd April, on the last day of term, and prizes (arts & crafts vouchers) will be sent out by email.  

Best of luck to all! 

Creative CSCNS Spring Comp 2020.pdf (137.9 KB)


September 11, 2019