Leading the way in simplifying admin

Aladdin Schools software is specifically designed to dramatically reduce the admin load for primary school staff. It has a host of timesaving benefits. Aladdin will:

  • Streamline attendance tracking and roll books
  • Give you instant access to all pupil and parent info
  • Make communication with parents and staff simple
  • Automate Census and NEWB reports
  • Analyse standardised test results
  • Streamline report cards
  • Facilitate planning and sharing of resources
  • Make money collections painless
  • Simplify all the usual school admin tasks

Aladdin Schools software is easy to use, totally secure and comes with a full training and support package.

Call us on (01) 554 7375 for a no obligation demo of the software that will save you hours!
  • Aladdin really simplifies and modernises everything that we do in schools; it's a one-stop shop for a principal's admin.
  • Aladdin makes every aspect of administration easier and is tailored to Irish schools.
  • My advice to schools considering this product is go for it!